“Difficult is what we can do. Impossible just takes a little longer.”

Casar Jacobson

Women’s Empowerment Activist | Author | UnitedNations Women Youth Champion | Entrepreneur/Investor | MS.c | Entertainer | Influencer | Miss Canada ’13


From hard of hearing, and now DEAF; with vocational therapy to verbally speak & utilize Sign Language via CSL/ASL to communicate to the masses; it is her goal to empower others to live above the norms of society personally, professionally, educationally or otherwise. We must not allow what we cannot do, what we have done or been through, or how we have been raised to define us but rather empower us to work differently and become an advocate for others. 

She is an advocate of diversity, communication, and inclusion to connect on a deeper level to create equality; encouraging individuals to view life from a more meaningful perspective rather than first impression.

Casar has cultivated the ambition, from a very young age, to inspire a new generation of thinking, internationally and cross-culturally, to excel at equality, charitable, inclusive pursuits regardless of the circumstances of their birth or life trauma. She’s a true believer that education is important, however, to be successful in today’s world, varying degrees of success, inclusion, access, perspective and empathy need to be engaged.

Being published in industry leading magazines, seen on tv, or heard on radio & had commercial success – having been former Miss Canada 2013 National title winner and global Miss Globe Peace in 2013 on an international level and United Nations WOMEN Youth Champion & Planet 50/50 champion with increasingly engaged work in Gender Equality, Diversity Advocacy, and Deaf Culture.

Casar has worked or been part of endeavors with industry names such as business investor on Dragons Den – Brett Wilson (equivalent of the USA Shark Tank), Martin Short  on Canada’s Got Talent – American actor and comedian. Jenna Talackova backed by womens activist lawyer Gloria Alred. Masha Brueggergosman, City TV, Canadian Soprano Opera Singer, Johnny Wimbrey – International Celebrity Coach & author working with Jan Miller and recently seen on the Steve Harvey show, Monica Singh , Acid Burn Victim & New York Fashion Advocate and gender equality activist, Jennifer Pastiloff, Deaf speaker, author and owner of The Manifest-Station, Adam Gingsberg – eBay & Amazons first ever self made millionaire, Anne Hathaway Award Winning Actress, H.E. Mr. Antonio Guterres, secretary General of the UN, HE. Mr. Peter Thomson, President, 71st Session of the General Assembly, H.E. Ms. Lana Nusselbeh, President UN Women Executive Board, Ms. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcukva, Executive Director, UN Women, Tennille Amor UN Women Youth Champion, singer/artist/women empowerment activist of the song I AM A GIRL (Performed at International Woman’s Day at the United Nations song choice with girls around the world including Casar’s sign language to her music on YouTube), Ms. Nicole Isaac, Head of U.S. Public Policy, Linkedin, Ms. Juniper Downs, Global Head of Public Policy and Government Relations, YouTube, Ken Chong (Peace Prize Foundation), Business Developer and book contributor with Bryant McGill & Jenni Young of Simple Reminders (seen on New York stock Exchange board and NYC’s best selling book) Ms. Anita Roth, Global Head of Policy Research Airbnb, Dr. Martha Chen, Professor, Harvard University & Founder, WIEGO, Ms. Helen Clark, Administrator, UNDP, Ravi Kakara the Senior Advisor Strategic Partnership and Advocacy To the Assistant Secretary-General/Deputy Executive Director and many more, Helle Jorgensen of UN Global Compact.

Working with the United Nations entity as a Youth Champion on Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, and a sub sector in disabilities and deaf culture and entrepreneurialism she also is involved heavily in women’s organizations worldwide, and a founding member of entrepreneurial based organizations that make a global impact on leadership, business expansion, and workplace productivity and inclusion increase.

Empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight – therefore out of sight out of mind? What if we were more of what we were because of what has happened to ourselves or others, Interpretation not only of our own trauma, but the interpretation of the len’s of someone else’s.

Recognizing the value of another human being, noticing each other’s strengths. The cognitive framing can change our response to future experiences of ourselves and others. When we change our perspective on the experience of every human being we truly embrace diversity, and with this we connect through communication in the most powerful way.


June 15th, United Nations Headquarters

“When we see success, we often don’t see disability. When we see disability, we often don’t see potential for success.  Our mission is to have all countries, cultures and religions get to know the person behind the disability to foster & cultivate education, entrepreneurialism & community involvement.”

– Casar Jacobson

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