“Difficult is what we can do. Impossible just takes a little longer.”

Casar Jacobson

Speaker | Women’s Empowerment Activist | Author | Entrepreneur/Investor | Coach

Casar has cultivated the ambition, from a very young age, to inspire a new generation of women, internationally and cross-culturally, to excel at intellectual, academic, community, scientific, cultural and charitable pursuits regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Even though she has a Masters degree in Science Research, she’s a true believer that education is important, however, to be successful in today’s world is about varying degrees of success.
Born hard of hearing, and now deaf; with intense vocational therapy to annunciate and speak to the masses its her goal to empower others to live above the norms of society personally, professionally, educationally or otherwise. We must not allow what we cannot do to define us but rather empower us to work differently and become an advocate for others.
Having been recognized as a cultural ambassador of exceptional poise and accomplishment on an international scale, she’s simply someone that believes we need to have a yearning for knowledge to make an impact while embodying our gifts.
She’s relentless in business, artistic and charismatic by nature, and success to her means never giving up, having passion with a clear understanding of goals and the actions it takes to reach them collectively with whom she works alongside. She’s very results and action driven in all that she does; not allowing the clutter of the outside world to mask the direction she’s headed with the impact thats being created.

Casar has been published in industry leading magazines, had commercial success – and been former Miss Canada 2013 National title winner and global Miss Globe Peace in 2012 on an international level.

Has worked or been part of endeavors with industry names such as business investor on Dragons Den – Brett Wilson (equivalent of the USA Shark Tank), Martin Short – American actor and comedian. Jenna Talackova backed by womens activist lawyer Gloria Alred. Masha Brueggergosman, Canadian Soprano Opera Singer, Johnny Wimbrey – International Celebrity Coach & author working with Jan Miller and recently seen on the Steve Harvey show, Monica Singh, New York Fashion Advocate and gender equality activist, Jennifer Pastiloff – Profoundly hard of hearing speaker, author and owner of The Manifest-Station, Adam Gingsberg – eBay & Amazons first ever self made millionaire, and many more!

Working with the United Nations entity as a Youth Champion on Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, and a sub sector in disabilities and deaf culture and entrepreneurialism she also is involved heavily in women’s organizations worldwide, and a founding member of entrepreneurial based organizations that make a global impact on leadership, business expansion, and workplace productivity increase.

Casar’s inner mission is to make known the impact both youth, women and the disabled can make on this world while inspiring and motivating/captivating anyone of all ages globally to pursue their calling. Working with larger corporations, and startups – her mission is to get results and make an impact globally.

June 15th, United Nations Headquarters

“When we see success, we often don’t see disability. When we see disability, we often don’t see potential for success.  Our mission is to have all countries, cultures and religions get to know the person behind the disability to foster & cultivate education, entrepreneurialism & community involvement.”
– Casar Jacobson
Speaking with Kerry Gibson, President of Eco Century Technologies & Dr. Pineda, President of World Enabled 

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