Movies with Sign Language 


*Important:   There are graphic images, please consider before playing the movie*

Did you know that Ukraine had produced a movie with Deaf actors, entirely in Ukrainian Sign Language? The movie has no subtitles. This movie has won several awards.

The Tribe, 2014.

It’s a Ukrainian crime drama that is set in a Deaf school for teenagers.


Trailer: (Note:, there is some nudity in trailer – be forewarned)

You can watch it free on IMDb TV:

More on the movie, and the Deaf actress:



a 2021 coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Sian Heder
. The film stars Emilia Jones as the eponymous CODA (child of deaf adults), the only hearing member of a deaf family. Eugenio Derbez, Troy Kotsur, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Daniel Durant, and Marlee Matlin feature in supporting roles.

Carola Insolera

DEAF Norwegian Actress/Model
Carola Wisny is a deaf fashion model born in Norway – but her career has taken her all over the globe since she broke through as a newcomer in 2011. Carola’s story and philosophical view on life is infectious and truly inspirational. She describes herself not only as a model but as a ‘chameleonic model character’.

Oversatt fra engelskCarola Insolera er en norskfødt motemodell signert med Women Management Milano.

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