The Things Financially Successful People Do Differently, And What they Won’t Teach In School

The financially successful often get a bad rap in our society, especially from the poor. We see footage of Donald Trump on TV, or watch movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and think being financially successful means living a gluttonous life of excess at the expense of the impoverished. This may be true for a few, but for many financially successful people, their success is only part of the story.

What we don’t see is the passion, hard work, mistakes, bad decisions, failures, ups and downs, thrift and plain old smarts that went into creating the lifestyles of the rich. The media didn’t follow them around with cameras when they were living in cars, living separately from their spouse or kids, living back at home with mom or dad or maybe didn’t have a mom or dad, working in diners, or recovering from debilitating addictions, before they achieved their financial success. People see the awards only, or they judge you from mistakes. Awards I’m here to tell you come attached to a string of wisdom.

The good news is babies aren’t born with millions of dollars in their bank accounts, and everyone has the ability to become financially successful. As Wallace D. Wattles put it,

“Talented people get rich, and blockheads get rich; intellectually brilliant people get rich, and very stupid people get rich; physically strong people get rich, and weak and sickly people get rich.”

  1. ONLY surrounding themselves with positive people, not around complainers or people that hang around and watch reality tv shows.

  2. They make sacrifices, or learn the hard way that they HAVE to make sacrifices likes purchases, or time spent more wisely with people that positively impact your future. OR SPEND money in the form of investing rather than HOARDING it and invest your dollars knowing it could have a gain even if it’s a risk and KNOWING it will be hard work. Yes that’s right. Work.

  3. They don’t blame the government, the economy, or the way they were raised.

  4. BELIEVE in lifelong education. 86 percent of WEALTHY (I didn’t say rich I said wealthy ) LOVE to learn and read. I know people that don’t read well or at all and THEY STILL find a way to absorb new information.

  5. LOSE YOUR EXCUSES or keep them.

  6. They do MORE than is asked of them. Above and beyond. Not the minimum. They don’t just show up. They know that entrepreneurialism actually EXPOSES who someone is. Exposes their work ethic. Their creativity. Their ability to sacrifice. Their ability to have a vision and work with others and attain knowledge of proper leadership.

  7. They find it MORE fun to CREATE the wealth than actually making it. 

Wow. What an impact you can have when it’s not about the money coming in, but now about how you’re creating it, investing it, saving it, and helping others.

You don’t agree ? Check your bank account. Opinions on financial success are not to be judged by the poor minded. Everyone has excuses, but everyone also has dreams. The question is … Is your dream bigger than your excuse ?

We say all the time we should think about it. Hoard it maybe. Hoarding has no return and analyzing can be paralyzingly useless. Look at where you are today, ask yourself if you can improve. None of us know everything. So let’s improve ourselves first before we can expect our surroundings to change.